Chaga emerged from birch. Wind, she blew an exotic spore to rest in the crack of a birch. Time passed. From the crack a dark, flaky flower-head, mushroom-like, was born. Chaga has a beneficial and multi-faceted reputation within folk medicine since at least the 1500s. Chaga is full of anti-oxidants and contains botulin which is known to kill bacteria.


Our chaga soap has a mild green colour and scent of a coniferous forest. This soap is good for psoriasis, atopic skin or otherwise sensitive skin because of the renewing effect of chaga. Fine, thin hair loves this soap!

Mild scented and vegan natural soap with mighty Finnish chaga. This soap is good for psoriasis, atopic skin and for otherwise sensitive skin. Really good for fine and thin hair!


Weight 60g 

Organic rapeseed oil*, organic coconut, castor oil, water*, lye, chaga*, essential oils of juniper, cedar, and pine. *Ingredients grown/made in North Karelia or Finland.

Brassica napus*, bio cocos nucifera*, ricinus communis, aqua, sodium hydroxide, inonotus obliquus, juniperus virgiana, juniperus communis, pinus sylvestris. *Certified organic source.


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