Cleanliness from clean nature

Stinging nettles from the yard of our summer cottage, mint from our own bushes, cloudberries from the nearby swamp and spruce sprouts from the old and powerful spruce in our backyard. We use real local ingredients! 


It is an honor for us that the ingredients in our soaps and care products are of high quality, organic and clean. Read more about our ingredients below.

What is Sola soaps made of?

Lye, or sodium hydroxide, is an essential part of soap making. When fat and lye are mixed, saponification occurs. As a result glycerol forms, which has a washing effect on the soap. Thanks to our production method, no lye is left in the finished soaps.


We use cosmetic-grade lye in our soaps, which combined with quality fat makes a well washing soap.

Fat is part of the base of the soap and another of the ingredients needed for saponification. In Sola soaps, we use several different vegetable oils, as they all have their own kind of effect on the essence of the soap. 

Oils and fats we use:


Finnish natural Rapeseed oil 


Finnish natural Hemp oil 


Natural Coconut oil 


Natural Castor oil


Apricot seed oil

Essential oils and natural ingredients bring character, aroma and healing properties to our soaps.

The nearest plants and berries to our soaps have been collected from our own yard. The products that cannot be found in the forests of North Karelia are ordered from Finnish organic producers. This is how we ensure that the ingredients are clean and that they have all the natural strength they contain.


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