Without Finnish nature, there would be no Sola. We want it stay vital.

Nokkosia kuivamassa

We use only clean and additive-free ingredients and ingredients that are manufactured with respect for nature and the rights of employees. Most of the raw materials we use are collected ourselves or purchased from small Finnish producers. 

Raw materials that we do not source from Finland, such as essential oils, are ordered from companies we have secured as sustainable.

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Our renewed soap packaging is sustainable Finnish work.


The new smaller soap package made of recycled cardboard protects the soap and provides it with a beautiful shell. The cardboard packaging is light, takes up little space and is easily recyclable. 


The care products are packed in Finnish recyclable plastic bottles and durable and reusable tin cans.

All Sola's products are handmade in Juuka, North Karelia. Years of experience have made production processes energy efficient and low waste. 


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