Sola care products are hand made in Juuka, North-Karelia.

From our collection you find care products made from pure and natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and nature. Read more about our ingredients.

Care products are also great for pets. They do not contain chemical additives so they do not harm the pet even if the product enters the pet's body. 

Go Away Bad Mosquito is a natural Mosquito and tick repellent for people and pets with no additives.
Additive-free Care Oil for many ailments

Sola's extra strong spruce resin salve with 33% resin speeds up wound healing and reduces inflammation. The ingredients are collected from clean Eastern Finnish nature.

Nourishing and protective paw cream for the paws of both pets and owners.

Water-free and additive-free frost-resistant everyday salve. Treats scratches, abrasions, cracks, wounds, mosquito bites, sunburns.


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