From the knee of the Water Mother, from a grassy hillock, from fresh peat

Such is sung in the Beginning of the World stories of Finland, when over the oceans flew a diver searching for a nesting place. Bogs are mystical and frightening places. The gate to the Underworld is through the dangerous eye of the bog. Hiisi guards swamps and bogs and is also giver of gifts: Labrador tea for winter closets to keep moths and pests at bay; delicious cloudberries and therapeutic peat.

This granite coloured soap is full of peat, honey and essential oil of rosemary. Peat and honey are gentle and caring for your skin.

Rosemary scented natural soap with lots of peat and honey.


Weight 60g

Rapeseed oil*, water*, organic coconut oil, lye, cosmetic grade peat*, honey*, castor bean oil, rosemary essential oil, beeswax*. Grown/made in North Karelia or Finland.

Brassica napus, aqua, cocos nucifera*, sodium hydoxide, cosmetic grade peat, mel, ricinus communis, rosmarinus officinalis, cera flava, limonene1, linalool1. *Certified organic source. 1Naturally occurring in essential oil.


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