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Forest Magic

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Magical are all the seasons of the forest. Each season with its own smells, colours and sounds. Golden-red trunks of pine gleam in the setting autumn sun. Forests covered in absolute silent stillness of snow. Spring brings the intoxicating glow of power while the wind makes music with the shedding birch bark, just as a snake sheds skin to make way for a new skin. Old folk say that birch is forests’ mother tree because it gives so many gifts.


A four-season soap full of spruce buds and birch leaves from the clean North Karelian forests. Essential oils chosen to bring the freshness of forest to your skin.


A four season scented vegan natural soap with spruce sprouts and birch leaves from clean North-Karelian nature. Essential oils of Siberian fir, pine, patchouli and organic Spanish marjoram bring scents of forest to your skin.


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