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Heather Honey Oats - string soap

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Heather, honey and oats are all traditional Finnish natural ingredients. Folklore tells that heather calms and cools and has been used for sleeplessness and racing minds. While honey was used to treat Cleopatra’s skin and was a cure for the knee of Väinämöinen, a hero in the Finnish epos Kalevala.

This soap is made from organic Finnish oats, heather flowers and plenty of honey and beeswax. Salvia and organic orange essential oils give this soap its calming scent. According to folklore these are good for mature skins. However, the question is: When is one mature?



Kanerva, Hunaja & Kaura -narusaippua 100g

Mild scented natural soap with Finnish organic oats, heather flowers, lots honey and beeswax and apricot seed oil. Scented mildly with essential oils of clary sage and organic orange.

Rapeseed oil*, organic coconut oil, water*, lye, apricot seed oil, castor bean oil, beeswax*, honey*, organic oats*, essential oils of organic orange and clary sage, heather flowers*. *Ingredients grown/made in North Karelia or Finland.

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