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Cloudberry Charm - string soap

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Hidden in the Finnish bogs, ripening under the midnight sun there is found a desired treasure. Cloudberry, which has many names in the Finnish language, is an aromatic berry which resembles a yellow cloud. The size of a berry tells who has been visiting and pollinating. If a mosquito or a small beetle pollinates the berry is small with the bigger berries being pollinated by bumblebees. Year upon year, resolute gatherers journey through the swamps and bogs seeking for this golden treasure.



Hillan Hurma -narusaippua 100g


A warm, golden soap full of ground cloudberry seeds creating a gentle peeling soap. Scents of the forest arise from essential oils.


Organic rapeseed oil, organic coconut oil, castor bean oil, water, lye, apricot seed oil, crushed cloudberry, essential oils of bay leaf and siberian spruce. *Ingredients grown/made in North Karelia or Finland.

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