In the middle of summer, Tapio, the King of Forest called to the Mielikki, the Queen of Forest. She made Tapio's table fine with bread, honey, honey wine, berries and wildflowers. So beautiful was the day, the table so plentiful, and the King so strong and handsome that Mielikki fell in love. The King of Forest promised to cherish and protect the Queen; who again promised to support and help her.


They enjoyed servings of the table so they were sticky with honey and berries and needed to be cleansed. As they bathed, the Queen of Forest asked the King for fat. The king asked, "Why?" The Queen replied that they needed it for future babies. The King of Forest gave his belly fat to the Queen. The Queen took spring water and ashes from under the sauna cauldron and cooked them with fire. At the end of the day, Queen took her concoction and stored it. Winter came, babies were born and spring came again. For the first time children went to sauna, they used soap to wash their winter fur.