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Calendula Kid Soap


The sun lives inside the modest Marigold flower. Here in the north the golden sun radiates through the long summer. She refreshes one’s soul when showing herself after a winter storm. The folk stories of the Republic of Tuva in south Siberia say the sun is female because she is always present like as a mother.

Petals of marigold have been extracted with pure Finnish rapeseed oil for this soap. Petals of marigold calm the skin and are also edible, however I wouldn’t eat this soap to get ones’ daily dose of sunshine!


Calendula oil, calendula flowers and apricot seed oil. Mild and gentle soap suitable for sensitive skin and small children. Lots of creamy lather.

Rapeseed oil*, organic coconut oil, water*, lye, calendula rapeseed oil*, apricot seed oil, castor bean oil, calendula petals*. *Grown/made in North Karelia or Finland.

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