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Lempi's Love Soap (bag)



Tarinan kuvaus:
Rakkauden ja lemmen suuri merkitys korostuu tämän monella tapaa suositun saippuamme tarinassa. Hyvä vieminen kaikenikäisille pareille lemmenhuumaa nostamaan.

This soap is inspired by Lempi and love. Anise, orange and patchouli are ancient aphrodisiacs. Oats, hops, honey and clary sage are known for their calming qualities. With this soap, like with everything regarding love, there is always hope! But never any guaranties.

Rapeseed oil*, organic coconut oil, water*, lye, honey*, castor bean oil, organic oats*, sea buckthorn berries*, essential oils of anis, clary sage, organic orange and patchouli, hop flowers*. *Grown/made in North Karelia or Finland.

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